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Pavaline Filmmakers’ Network Advisor at Pavaline Studios

January 1st, 2009 by Dayna

I’ve stepped into a new consulting role, as one of the Advisers over at Pavaline Studios. I’ll be providing advice, support, and feedback to the film-making community, as it relates to animation, and the entertainment industry in general. I’ll have a blog, and will be updating it about once a week or so. I’d love for you to read it, and send me your thoughts and comments, suggestions for future topics, etc.

You can read it here at  Blogs at Pavaline have been discontinued.

Pavaline Studios is a creative environment with an innovative approach to finding, developing, and producing films that matter.

One Touch Diabetes commercials now online

The commercials I animated for One Touch Diabetes, done at Transistor Studios, are now online at Ads are no longer online. Wait for the animals to appear on the top banner and click on play. I animated the piece featuring the elephant and some of the dog piece. These were traditionally animated in Flash.