Dayna Gonzalez

Commercial Advertising Reel Breakdown

Respective companies featured own all copyright to animation presented.

Opening Sequence: 1/11, NY
Animated Opener
Animation and Design, Flash and After Effects
One Touch Diabetes Commercial: 10/08, Transistor Studios, NY
2 Commercial Spots featuring Elephant and Dog
Lead Animator, Flash and After Effects
Animation and Character Design
On reel: 2 clips featuring animated elephant and running dog
Georgia Lottery Commercial: 12/08, Transistor Studios, NY
Lead Animator, After Effects
The Dark Knight: 3/08, Motherland, NY
Digital Comic: Episode 3, DC Comics
Lead Animator, After Effects
Heart Healthy Commercial: 5/09, Transistor Studios, NY
Commercial spot on eating healthy
Lead Animator, After Effects
On reel: 2 clips featuring eggs
My Sister’s Butt: 6/08, Pilartoons, NY
Music Video for Ice Cream Parade Band
Lead Animator, Flash
On reel: 3 clips featuring squirrels, rabbits, and girls dancing
SRS Holiday Card: 12/10, Shareholder Representative Services, San Francisco, CA
Lead Animator and Designer, After Effects
Nintendo Week promo spot: 8/09, Popular Arts Entertainment, NY
Lead Animator and Designer, created on the Nintendo DSI Flipnote Studio program
Zuda Comics promo spot: 7/07, Motherland, NY
Lead Animator and Designer, Flash, DC Comics
Promo played at San Diego Comic Conference