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April 2010

April 1st, 2010 by Dayna

Flaming Medusa Studios Launches!!


I am very excited to announce the design and launch of Flaming Medusa Studios online! Flaming Medusa Studios, an animation studio in Ohio headed by Darcy Vorhees, specializes in animation, storyboards, illustration, concept art, character design, and branding for a large number of clients. The website features a comprehensive look at the studio’s portfolio of work, from video animation reels to slideshow presentations of their artwork. The site also features microsites Tess and Tedman, an animated online series, and Derby – Rama, an e-commerce site providing marketing materials to roller-derby teams nationwide. Visit Flaming Medusa Studios. I really enjoyed the challenge of designing this site and Darcy was one of the most awesome clients around!

Derby images