“Dayna Gonzalez is among the most gifted, dependable, responsible, and collaborative animators I have ever worked with. She’s also that rare and special artist that can thrive in a studio environment as well as offsite with minimal supervision. A natural and easy communicator, Dayna is always an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s been a delight to see how much she’s grown over the years––from her early days fresh out of school as an animator on Nick Jr’s Blue’s Clues, to the industry leader she is today. I’m excited to see what Dayna does next, and I’m eager to work with her again in the future.”

Dave Levy, Director, Animation (Production) at The Disney Digital Network in Glendale, CA

“When I was starting my own business, I had a lot of things to think about and my website was high on that priority list. I turned to Dayna as my first choice, not just because she is a fantastic website developer, or because she is super-cool person, but also because she is an artist! I needed help with my vision. I knew basically what I wanted but she was able to understand my description, make it into a reality, and then make it even better than I could’ve imagined. When I meet new clients, I often hear “You have a great website!” This isn’t because of the information I have on it- it is because it is fun and playful, which is exactly what I wanted. Throughout the years, as my business has grown, Dayna has been there to add things, remove things, and even redesign things. On top of that, Dayna has taught me a lot about the basics of my website, so I am now able to go in and make a few changes of my own! She’s the best!”

– Natascha Crandall, Crandall Consulting, LLC

“Dayna is an extraordinary animator and graphic designer. She has been the Post-Production Animator, Editor, and Designer for BIOL-O-GEE R.A.P.TM animated science music videos for over five years. Her responsibilities include creating graphics and animation for the BIOL-O-GEE R.A.P.TM brand including promotional products and social media, as well as editing and updating animation for the BIOL-O-GEE R.A.P.TM video series.

Dayna’s work entails interactions with all members of The Biologee Team, which is comprised of award-winning and acclaimed animators, graphic artists, music composers, singers, and seasoned Science educators who review all aspects of her work. Dayna’s work is impeccable; she submits work in a timely fashion and her work is always met with rave reviews. Renowned educators both in the United States and abroad use BIOL-O-GEE R.A.P.TM in their lectures.

Dayna is a consummate professional whose work ethic is unsurpassed. She is a true team player who has earned the respect of every member of The Biologee Team. If you are in need of animation or design I highly recommend Jumping Tadpole Productions LLC.”

– Janet L. McDonald, MS, RD, Creator/Lyricist BIOL-O-GEE R.A.P.TM

“I have worked with Dayna for many years. She created two websites for me and also helped with lots of special projects.

Dayna is extremely reliable, professional, and knowledgeable. She is super smart, creative, helpful and very detail oriented. I give her my highest recommendation.”

– Steven Zelin, The Singing CPA